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Wellness center, stretching sessions, Assisted stretch sessions

Stretch Lab

Wellness Center in Flower Mound, TX


2701 Cross Timbers Road, Ste 286, Flower Mound, TX 75028


Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-2pm


(469) 208-5252

About Stretch Lab

StretchLab in Flower Mound is a premier wellness center that specializes in providing personalized, one-on-one assisted stretching sessions. Our expert Flexologists are trained to understand your body’s unique needs and design a stretching routine that is tailored specifically for you. The stretches are performed on custom-designed benches, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness. This unique wellness concept is a perfect blend of fitness and relaxation, making StretchLab a preferred destination for those seeking to improve their flexibility and overall health.

At StretchLab, we believe that every individual’s body is unique, and therefore, their stretching needs are unique as well. Our highly skilled Flexologists take the time to understand your body’s specific requirements and create a customized stretching routine that targets your problem areas. They guide you through each stretch, ensuring that you are performing it correctly and safely. This personalized approach sets StretchLab apart from other wellness centers and makes it a trusted name in the Flower Mound community.

In addition to our one-on-one sessions, StretchLab also offers assisted-stretch sessions in a comfortable group setting. These group sessions are a great way to share the wellness experience with others while still receiving the personalized attention you need. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance, a senior seeking to maintain mobility, or simply someone who wants to feel better in their daily life, StretchLab in Flower Mound has the expertise and the facilities to help you achieve your goals. Experience the unique wellness concept that is StretchLab, and discover the difference that customized, assisted stretching can make in your life.

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